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Give your Child the Premium Learning!

Inperson / Online clases; 1-1 upto 4 kids in a batch

Coding Basics & Masters

Age: 7+ years

Python & Arduino*

Robotics Explorer to Champions

Age: 5+ years

No Screen coding upto 7 yrs

AI, IoT, ML, Pi experiential learning

Age: 10+ years

hands on practices

Summer Camp

Regular Course

Certificates  Projects, Hands-on

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Summer Camp
Summer Camp
Summer Camp

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Our pedagogy for

Premium Learning -

Higher Order Thinking

Tomorrow’s innovators are expected to be “DIGITAL NATIVES” with the (in)fluence in Technology.  

8 out of 10 parents feel that relevant education is required to make their children future ready!

Learn from experts who has developed 100+ experiential learning courses, 100+ coding/games/apps,

integrated curriculum with academics curated by international award winning leader.



Learners are  exposed to real-world  complex topics to comprehend modern technology, language, logic, math & social sciences advanced  to prepare them for careers of 2040.


Coverage is customized based on learner's strong skills and more time, increased experiments given for skills to be nurtured with deep, ahead of age to make them Champions early.


Learners are challenged to solve problem applying logic and scientifically. Every new topic is unravelled through discussions, facts, logical debates and leading questions.


Learners experience all concepts in material and sensorial form and are enabled to apply higher order thinking in every project practically and create social innovative products.

Enrollment OPEN for all Age Groups



5 - 8 yrs


Age: 5 to 8.

Perfect path to learn new skills

  • Acquires essential and relevant skills

  • Holistic Development

  • Literacy, logic, math, confidence & social skills

  • Certification included



13 - 15 yrs


Age: 13 to 15.

Perfect launchpad for career

  • Master a range of academics & critical skills

  • Become Industry ready and future job market ready

  • Social Innovation project to showcase skills

  • Certification included



9 - 12 yrs


Age: 9 to 12.

Perfect booster for success

  • Learns the in-demand & cutting edge skills

  • Build a strong education portfolio

  • Advanced thinking & amplifying abilities, winning presentation

  • Certification included

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Age is just a Number here

Passion makes Possibility


Is Learning Future Skills sufficient?

       Prepare your kids with Skill Personality 

MEBOT develops growth mindset in kids.

We educate to learn from mistake and encourage shared learning.


Practise based learning! No Memorise​!

Mebot helps learners Overcome memorize studying to practice learning

Practice based!

No Memorize


Learn from Mistakes ! No stress​!

Mebot encourages mistakes and help learners realize to rise up fast after a failure.

Learn from Mistakes !

No stress​!


Confidence! No Marks

Mebot prepares learners to face the real world instilling confidence & knowledge to face it.


No Marks​!

Our Proud Parent's Say..

Mebot has taught me lot of skills in the concept and knowledge to make me create my own project. This is the best coaching centre for understanding people who are well studied in robotics. It is a very good place to gain a lot of knowledge.
Thank you!

A Sathyan,

10th Grade,

LED Project & Author

mtiny indian kids.jpg

Our daughter has been attending the robotics sessions of mebot. It is surprising that she has acquired a variety of skills and knowledge.She is in her early childhood and has easily picked up her vocabulary, got easily introduced to new terms and concepts like force, friction and gravity that I feel are way beyond her age. She has also improved her logical reasoning and numerical abilities.Above all, a couple of days back, we were surprised to see that she herself initiated the learning of multiplication tables as she was programming her robot.Mebot is a great platform our child in which my child plays a role of a student, a thinker, a programmer and above all, a leader! All this with minimal screen time.

Proud Parent of Seetha M,

Screen Free Coding Robot

Very satisfied with the kind of knowledge imparted beyond the prescribed videos and content generally used by many robotic training institutes. It’s really important to know the subject little in detail than just assembly and coding. I strongly recommend this place due to the passion the educator have towards the trining.

Proud Parent of Karthik N,

Construct & Programmable Robot

My two kids are enjoying the experience of learn by doing. They are exposed to Logical and Analytical thinking which are very critical in the early childhood. Overall, the training is excellent and very useful.

Proud Parent of Dharni K,

Screen Free Coding Robot

Learning Journey

Our goal is to instill technology knowledge and design thinking in every child, empowering them with the tools they need to succeed in a world that is rapidly becoming more digitized.

With Mebot, kids will not only learn about the latest technological advancements, but they will also develop essential critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills that will serve them well in any future endeavor.

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