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What We Can Do for You

Setting up L&D (as a service)

This offering involves establishing a comprehensive learning and development framework within an organization. It includes designing and implementing processes, tools, and systems to support continuous employee learning and development.

Metrics for Skill Measurement

This service involves developing metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness and impact of learning and development programs on employee skills. It aims to provide data-driven insights into the progress and success of skill development initiatives.

Skills Definition and Assessment

This service involves defining and assessing the skills of employees within an organization. It may include identifying the core competencies required for different roles and assessing employees' existing skills to determine any skill gaps.

Role Skill Mapping Exercise

Role skill mapping involves mapping the required skills and competencies for specific job roles within an organization. This helps in aligning employee skills with their respective roles and identifying areas for improvement or development.

Cost & Time Optimation in New hires

This service unlock cost efficiencies for your organization by leveraging our campus to corporate training, tailored to reduce billing for new hires while fostering their professional growth and success.

Outcome-Driven Skill Development

This service focuses on providing targeted training programs to develop specific skills needed by employees to enhance their performance in their current roles. The training is designed with specific outcomes in mind to ensure the development of desired skills.

Building Leadership Pipeline

These are advanced courses or training programs designed to develop high-potential employees for future leadership or specialized roles within the organization. These courses aim to groom employees for more senior positions and provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Technical Sessions for CXO

These sessions are designed specifically for executives at the CXO level, such as the CEO, CTO, or CFO. They focus on providing technical knowledge, insights, and updates relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

Customised Training Packages

Develop customizable training packages tailored to the specific needs and budget constraints of the organization. Offering different tiers of training options allows companies to choose the most cost-effective package that meets their requirements.

Customised e-learning platform

This service provides a flexible and personalized learning path, allowing students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. Our e-learning courses are designed to be engaging and interactive, and include certification and industry benchmarking to ensure that students are prepared for real-world challenges.

Our Creators

Mebot Founders bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of IT development and learning. With over 30 years of combined experience in these fields, they have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in skill-building and learning adoption. As the creators of a range of innovative and effective metrics for skills and learning, Mebot Founders have established themselves as thought leaders in the industry. Their strategies for skill-building are based on a deep understanding of the needs of both individuals and organizations, and their learning adoption strategies are designed to help organizations successfully implement new technologies and methodologies. With a proven track record of success, Mebot Founders are the ideal partner for any organization looking to improve their skills and learning programs.

The vision of skill consulting is to empower individuals and organizations to maximize their potential by identifying, developing, and utilizing skills effectively. Skill consulting aims to create a culture of continuous learning, growth, and improvement that drives personal and organizational success. The goal is to help individuals and organizations align their skills with their goals and objectives, enabling them to achieve their full potential and succeed in a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment

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