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“best-in class Screen – FREE programmable robot for Early Childhood education.”


M Tiny:

The robot provides a stress-free learning experience and it is the best companion for children from 4- 7years old. It helps young mind, learn transversal knowledge and comes with extensive study packages. It is also interesting to note that it offers a learning experience without a screen, which is supposedly exclusive to this product.

It is capable of doing

  • 10+ Facial expressions
  • 30+ Map expressions
  • 50+ Creative map combinations
  • 300+ sound effects

At the same time, skill set such as critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, logical thinking and analytical skills are becoming imperative in order to succeed. m Tiny develops such skills, collectively called life skills and As a Facilitator of m tiny, I have seen children’s development in vocabulary, spatial & linguistic skills.

It Strengthen friendships among children and the emotional bond between parents and children. Enhance children’s interpersonal and social skills.

Note: Pricing includes  product cost and 2 months training fees.

mTiny Coding Kit

₹22,000.00 Regular Price
₹15,400.00Sale Price
  •  Multiple Intelligences

    • Interact with the Map for fun and Learning
    • A Fusion of Cross-curricular Contents

    • Screen-free Multisensory Learning

    • A Fusion of Cross-curricular Contents

    • Every Single Bit is 100% Safe

    • Eco-friendly & Nontoxic materials
    • Food-grade silicone
    • Safe rounded corners design
    • Lead-free
    • Human-skin-like material
    • RoHS certified
    • Great performance in reliability testing such as dropping resistance and extrusion resistance.

    • Changeable Look Makes mTiny Lovable

    • 10+ Emotions
    • 300+ Sound effects
    • Panda-like look Movement
    • skills Cool motion skills

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