Primary Education - THINKERS

The role of primary education is to ensure the development of children. This means that all children are able to develop their social, cognitive, cultural, emotional and physical skills according to the best of their abilities.

Our Thinkers development

Educational Coding Robot with AI programming

MEBOT presenting a “block-based programming” with an easy-to-use drag-n-drop block-based programming language to help students understand the key concepts of programming. This program is specially curated by technology experts and academicians from renowned institutions focuses on fundamentals of coding.

This program give exposure towards real world coding, core concepts and applications of coding on physical machines including robots, IOT & AI devices.

Designed explicitly for learning programming concepts, which allows learners to drag and drop the code blocks, making programming as intuitive and straightforward as playing with building blocks. It is great for young innovators to start their coding journey.

AI cat.png

MEBOT facilitates a transition from block – based programming through a live split-screen feature.


  • All students receive their OWN STEAM kit

  • Work with STEAM kits to understand how machines behaves with coding

  • Create core applications & games using core coding concepts


  • Children will be proficient with coding language and logic building

  • Will be able to correlate real word problems and concepts with coding

  • Built a strong foundation about coding, apps and games creation

Electronic Blocks for minimal screen programming


Mebot presents programmable electronic building block platform for a new generation in STEAM education which contains 6 basic blocks including Power, Bluetooth, Funny Touch, Gyro Sensor, Buzzer, Dual Servo Driver and LED Panel that kids can learn programming and build his/her dreams.


  • Over 30 interactive modules inspire kids to learn & play

  • Color – coded electronic modules

  • Lightning – fast magnetic connectors give free rein to creativity

  • Creation made easy – even for newbies


Through simple combinations, various creative inventions can be created. With the easy-to-use flow-based programming software, which can be “active” without complex code programming to bring concepts and ideas to life.

At the same time, skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, logical thinking and analytical skills that are imperative to succeed are developed with rightly designed instructional pedagogy.

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