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Help children  learn, build, and compete with STEAM skills

NATIONAL STEAM OLYMPIAD is an AI based next generation online evaluation platform for students to test their skills on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Students from all boards can participate and receive NSTO certificate. Students can also see their ‘dynamic’ ranking in India, city wise and school wise. The NSTO is open to the students of age group of 7 to 18.


Why your Child need NSTO?

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What will your Child learn from NSTO?

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How to Participate?

The NSTO is open to the students of age group of 7 to 18.

Student’s Participation:
  • Register at NSTO

  • Take National Steam Olympiad (NSTO) Online

  • There will be multiple mock tests and 1 final test. Students have to schedule exam for final test.

  • Student have to take NSTO exam on Selected Date.

  • See Rankings, Get Scholarships, Medals, Certificate and Cash Prizes.

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School’s Participation:
  • Register at NSTO

  • Fill In Details.

  • Submit The Registration Form.

  • Receive Your NSTO Code Online.

  • School Will Earn Credit Points For Each Registration:

School Can Use Credit Points For:

  1. Setup Robotics Lab

  2. Purchase STEAM Equipment's For School

  3. Sponsor Students International Trips

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  1. NSTO is an ‘Online’ National STEAM Olympiad Test. 

  2. Grade 3rd to Grade 12th can participate.

  • Total 5 Clusters

  • Grade 3 & 4 – Cluster 1

  • Grade 5 & 6 – Cluster 2

  • Grade 7 & 8 – Cluster 3

  • Grade 9 & 10 – Cluster 4

  • Grade 11 & 12 – Cluster 5

Science Lab Student

Register And Take The Free NSTO Test To Perceive How Well You Are Set Up For


NSTO Awards

Top 3 scorers from all Clusters - Grade 3 to 12 will be honored with rewards

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Rs.3,000/- Each + Gold Medal + Participation Certificate

Rs.2,000/- Each + Silver Medal + Participation Certificate

Rs.1,000/- Each + Bronze Medal + Participation Certificate

 * All participated students will be honored with an online certification